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Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)
Fitness Knowledge Home Study Program

CFES FKHSP 10th Edition 14.06.12

Welcome to the CFES Fitness Knowledge Home Study Program online supplemental courseware resources!

Thank you
for enrolling in the CFES Fitness Knowledge Home Study Program. We are delighted in your interest to expand your fitness knowledge base and anticipate you will benefit from this learning experience.


Our primary learning objective is to provide the reader sufficient knowledge about how your body functions; the importance of an active lifestyle; and how to develop a progressive exercise program for a lifetime. Your learning will cover:

         An Introduction to the Fitness and Active Health Industry

         Bones, Joints and Skeletal Muscles

         How to Analyse Muscles in Movement

         How to Design an Active Daily Lifestyle and Progressive Exercise Regime

         Exercise Effectiveness and Safety for a Variety of Ages and Stages

         Training Principles and Application for Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Muscular Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

         Energy Systems and their Application to Movement

         Nutrition Basics and How to Maintain a Healthy Body Composition

         An Introduction to Becoming a Leader


We have designed this program for the young to mature adult. Some readers will take this program for personal advancement, some will be teachers absorbing this information into a curriculum course for high school, college or university students, while others will be taking it as the first step in becoming a national certified fitness instructor. This course meets CFES national certification standards.


Whatever your intended purpose, some readers may feel a little overwhelmed with all the information presented. Please relax — you will be amazed how much of this content you already know. This resource has been written in a progressive fashion, designed to build your knowledge and skill step by step. Take it one chapter at a time and be patient with your learning results. Consider this resource a handy lifetime reference — one you can grow into over the years.


Your enrolment indicates you have made an important step in your personal health and well being — congratulations! By accomplishing this program you are giving yourself a lifetime gift of priceless knowledge and skill. As you gain confidence in its application you will naturally be able to assist others. Share what you learn! Your enthusiasm and assistance could well save and extend someone's life.


Employment predictions indicate career opportunities for health and fitness leaders will grow substantially in the next decade. Some of you will be motivated to become a leader of others — there is certainly a great need. Keep in touch along the way and let us know if you would be interested in becoming a CFES Educator. We would welcome your presence.


I would like to sincerely thank with great appreciation the numerous individuals (listed on the inside cover) who have assisted in the production of The CFES Fitness Knowledge resources. Without your diligence, persistent wisdom and enthusiasm these resources would not have been possible. Secondly I would like to thank my family — Morrie, Max and Michael Zaitlin and numerous friends, for all of their patience and encouragement

along the way.


In closing I would like to thank you the reader and student of our program. I anticipate by your personal example you will be an inspiration and a motivator for many in your life. All the very best with your learning journey and for a healthy, productive and peaceful life!


Relax, enjoy your learning, and thank-you once again for choosing the CFES Fitness Knowledge Homestudy Program.


All the best!

Yours sincerely,

Margaret Hewitt-Zaitlin, BA/BPE

Executive Director, CFES